BioActive Line



BioActive Line is Seipasa’s solution for efficient, complete crop nutrition. A high-quality range that delivers maximum added value for your  fruit, vegetable, cereal and ornamental crops, making them irresistible. Discover its exclusive technology and access a whole new level thanks to its superior formulation Why not opt for a touch of distinction in your crop nutrition? Once you try it, you will be back for more!

How does the Bioactive Line act on plants?
micromoléculas activas

Active micromolecules designed to reach the heart of the crop.

Mejor disolución para mayor absorción

Optimal dissolution and maximum absorption of nutrients.

nutricionales líquidos

Liquid formulation: easy to handle and apply.

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Rhizosphere equalizer designed to improve soil structure. When what you need is to improve the assimilation of essential nutrients and reduce water, saline and thermal stress, Riguer flow is the ideal partner you can depend on.

FILER flow

A boost of highly assimilable potassium that encourages fruit filling to achieve top quality. Filer flow is a «must» to include in your range of tools.

ROKER flow

A formulation based on bioactive compounds that encourages orderly growth of plant tissues and optimises photosynthesis. Roker flow is the most versatile all-rounder that adapts to all types of conditions and all crops.